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Lost in midway? Afraid of taking the next Steps? Get the right perspective from the experts!

For Enquiries, write to us at info@evalbi.com


Find our Mentors here, if you have any issues finding you can always reach out to info@evalbi.com and we can help you find.


We will set up a meeting and you can meet regularly based on the number of sessions you requested for


Connect with the mentor whom you think is deemed fit for the need.

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If you succeed, we succeed. if you grow, we grow! Let us know how everything is going and we will do our best to help you more!

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Frequently asked questions

Is there Technical product you want to build and you are not sure what to do? Or is it a local business which you want to open and do not know where to start. Our experts have been solving these problems for years. They can help you get started and also define the direction for you.

Building a product is always tricky, our product management mentors have build these products before and know how to suggest. Infact, it can be a Digital Marketing or a Business Coaching issue and we have them too on our platform.Just write us at info@evalbi.com  with your problem statement and we will be able to connect you to the right mentor.

Jobs always have some special needs. you might be having a learning management system and also reading from a ton of online material too. But, we have seen people still neither able to solve that problem nor able to perform the job well. As soon as they connect to an expert it can be as small as 1 session and we see the personnel cruising through their job. Have a similar problem write to us at info@evalbi.com

For any questions. Contact Us

Our Startup clients say

"We were a tech startup and EVALBI helped us set up the correct analytics and helped us target the right customers with their digital marketing and business coaches"
Tech Startup
"We are a company of stock images, we had everything sorted out technically but did not know how to move forward in building our product. EVALBI coaches helped build the product the right way..."
Istock Clips
Tech Startup
"We know that we are good at making Vegan Recipes,but really did not know how to take it forward..EVALBI's Media Coaches really helped us on how to create extra ordinary online content and we are on a Success Path now."
Pick N Make
Youtube Channel
"We were successfully locally but wanted to expand and we tried everything but we could grow our reach. The sessions helped us achieve 20% organic growth YOY.
AK Photographers